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About us

A game developer testing a video game

How Did It All Begin?

It all started in early 2024 when our founder, Sven Nevin, set out to create his own Roblox game. Despite having a clear vision, he quickly realized he lacked the necessary scripting skills. Searching for a Roblox scripter proved more difficult than anticipated, revealing a gap in the market for easily connecting with specialized game developers. Motivated by this experience, Sven launched to bridge this gap and make game development more accessible.

Our Mission

At, our mission is straightforward: make it easier to find game developers. While we began with a focus on Roblox, our goal is to expand our reach to include all game engines. We aim to streamline the process of connecting developers with projects that need their unique skills, fostering innovation and creativity in the gaming industry.

Who is for?

Our platform is designed for all game developers, as well as non-developers in the Roblox space. Whether you're here for scripting, modeling, or any other game development need, our platform is engineered to support your goals. Looking ahead, we plan to expand to more game engines, further supporting a diverse range of game developers and projects.

With, connecting with the right talent or finding the perfect gig is just a few clicks away. Join us as we revolutionize the way game development works, making it more connected, efficient, and accessible for everyone involved.