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Discord Bot developer

Hey there, I can create a custom Discord bot for your server, and for a small yearly fee, host and maintain it for you. What can I do for you? I can make pretty much any features you want, including moderation, game or utility bots. The bot could interact with Roblox APIs, scrape websites, or store data. Anything is possible. I am pretty versatile as I can work in several programming languages with ease. These include NodeJS​/​JS, Java, Python, Bash and Luau. As said previously, I can also host and maintain your bot on my server. I have several finished projects in my portfolio, please do contact me for more information on my past work. Why me? I am probably not the cheapest developer you will find, but I make sure everything is as clear as possible when a commission is started with a customer, and deliver functional, quality work. The exact price of the bot will actually differ following the complexity of the demands and development time, with a range of 15-100USD (+yearly hosting fee if hosted, ~10USD).

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